Hi 5c,
Recently in class we focused on using prefixes and suffixes to create harry potter spells. J.K.Rowling creates spells that usually have a meaning to it. For example the spell antetimeilys which means to make someone or yourself travel back in time. The base word of this spell is time, so then we added the prefix ante which means before. Everyone came up with some spells and then shared them with the class. We even had a Harry Potter wand to perform our spells.
These are 5c’s spells
Isaac – teleporterous – teleports you and your friends to your choice of destination.
Ariella – antetimeant – it makes yourself or someone else travel back in time.
Jason – microhoemworkolise – it makes you have a smaller amount of homework.
multimicroauto – many miniature copies of you.
Alex – dismonadom – to take a way a country / territory one by one.
Will – antinavigated – don’t know where you are going and you are lost.
Gabe – prereanti – you will go back in time and everything that’s happened to you in your life will be the opposite.
Max – multisilentiumer – silence to all.
Ella – antiowise – to make someone dumb and forget everything.
Olivia – ultralike – to make some one very childish.
Juliette – triephones – to have three electric phones.
Ethan –exomono – to make someone invisible and then die.
Adam –ultrawardo – to push anything in any direction.
Abby – maxiwrinkleage – if you put this spell on someone they will loose all of their wrinkles.
Amber – maxiicereamover – to make so much ice cream that you can bury your worst enemy in ice cream, they will be so cold so they’ll die.
Jazzy – Milliminnisuperhuman – a thousand small super humans.
Ashleigh – miniultrasupersemico – turns you ultra-small then even more small then cut you in half
Cody – megarabbiship – if you put this spell on someone they will become a really big shipman
Romi – facerehippoautomicro – to be turned into a very small hippopotamus
Zoe – semyyouor – to spilt you in half or even more
Sam – immortalijust – to live as long as you like

From your friendly class mate,

5C Spells on PhotoPeach

Area and Perimeter (plus a little reading strategy too)

Hi 5C,

Miss Griffin here! Over the past two weeks we’ve been exploring area and perimeter in class maths. Each of us has been exploring different shapes and investigating how to calculate their area and perimeter. We’ve made some amazing creatures and mazes and wow-ed me with your impressive measuring skills. Yesterday we even measured and then calculated the area of compound shapes that had been masking taped to the floor.

A lot of students said they would love to learn how to calculate the area of crazy shapes, so how do you think we can do this? Thinking about yesterday’s lesson, what steps would you take to find the area of a crazy shape?

In other news, this week’s reading strategy is ‘adjust and apply different reading reading rates to match text‘. We discussed how the difficulty of the text affects our rates of reading, and how our rate of reading affects our comprehension. To explore this, we created some very spectacular fables  and recorded ourselves reading from pictures books to the encyclopedia. To practice this strategy, see if you can have your parents read different texts and describe the gear you think they’re reading at.

Have fun blogging 5C!

Miss Griffin


Hi 5C,

We are back at school for an action packed term 4! I hope everyone had a super holiday and that you had some nice time with your family and friends. I had a lovely time with Flynn and Sarah visiting Werribee Zoo and the Melbourne Museum. The most excting thing that happened in my holidays was that Mr Cooper and I launched our new childrens book. We have been writing a counting book for toddlers over the past 5 months and it is called Hipster Harry Counts. The process of writing a book has been a lot of work but we have enjoyed everything from writing, designing, collaborating and now marketing and selling! We were taking notes from the grade 5s during the Earn and Learn program to help us with selling 🙂

This term is going to be very busy! Here are just a few things to look forward to:

  • Excursion to Parliament House and Old Melbourne Gaol
  • School Walkathon
  • Visit to Brighton Cemetery
  • Swimming program at Waves
  • Class Parliament
  • Your Vote Counts unit of inquiry
  • House swimming carnival
  • School concert
  • Poetry slams
  • Young Leaders Program
  • Leadership speeches

I can’t believe it is our last term together 5C! 11 Weeks to go. I hope you all have a great last term in grade 5 and I would love you to have a go at answering some questions below.




Happy and safe blogging as always

Mr J 🙂

Project Rockit!

Happy weekend 5C,

We have recently finished working with Project Rockit – an anti-bullying organisation. They spent three weeks visiting our school to run workshops around anti-bullying.

We would like to thank them for running such engaging workshops that were inclusive of all.









Here are 5C’s results from the ‘Lab Rat’ experiment. This showed how children felt when they were treated differently each day of the week by the same people. We discovered that all trust was lost for our lab rats after being ignore on the Monday.

What was your favourite thing about having Project Rockit to visit our school?

How has your thinking changed since having the workshops?

Happy and safe blogging,

Mr J 🙂

Sovereign Hill Excursion


Last Friday 5C were lucky enough to visit Sovereign Hill for the day. We traveled to Ballarat by bus and wrapped up to keep ourselves warm. We were lucky that it did not rain and we had a really special day which involved:

  • panning for gold.
  • a gold mine tour in the ‘Secret Chamber’
  • an educational role play activity called ‘Gold Fever’.
  • old fashioned bowling.
  • a gold smelting demonstration.
  • candle dipping.
  • shopping!

A few lucky children struck it rich and shouted out “EUREKA!!” It was a bit like our school musical from last year. It was a fantastic day on the goldfields and we all learnt a lot about life in 1851 and how tough the conditions would have been for the diggers.

EUREKA!!!!! on PhotoPeach


What was your favourite part of the trip to Sovereign Hill?

What did you find out that surprised you about life in 1851?

Happy Safe Blogging 5C

Mr J 🙂



Hi 5C,

Welcome back to term 3! We have a very busy term ahead with Earn & Learn, a history based unit titled ‘Our Australia’ and a problem solving focus in maths. We will also be continuing our work with CAFE Reading and Daily 5.

Our reading focus this week is on the strategy ‘ask questions during the reading process’. We discussed how good readers are asking questions constantly in their head while reading to help them engage with the text, figure out new words or even help them understand what they are reading. As a class we decided that there isn’t a certain spot when readers ask questions but that it happens all the time.

To practice this strategy we watched this video from Behind the News about Ramadan. Watch it below.

We asked questions before, during and after watching. Here are some of our questions:


What is Ramadan? Amber
How long does Ramadan go for? Ariella
Is it a happy or sad festival? Ashleigh
Why is it a different month every year? Jason
What do they celebrate during Ramadan? Alice
Is it worth doing? Ron
If it wasn’t called Ramadan what would it be called? Amber
We all learned a lot and found the article very interesting! We have been practicing this strategy all week in our reading.
Happy blogging,Mr J:-)

Punctuation Dictation

Hello 5C,

This week you have a tiny bit of extra homework to help Ms. Rex with her university work. Below is a small piece of text that is missing punctuation. Could you please edit it for me? Please copy and paste the text into a comment and edit it there before you post it. You will need to edit capital letters (ABC), commas (,), full stops (.), apostrophes (‘), quotation marks (” “) and exclamation marks (! – no more than 2).

Thank you all so much!

Ms. Rex


on the weekend i went to the melbourne zoo i saw monkeys a gigantic gorilla giraffes zebras and lions well i saw a lot more than that but they were my favourite my favourite animal overall was the lion i love the sound the lion makes roar goes the lion the zoo left me wondering what the animals do at night

Our Place in Space

Hi 5C,

This week in 5C we have been carrying on with Our Planets Project, we have been researching the planets in our solar system. The children have been busy working as teams to collect as much information on their chosen planet as possible. We will have a quiz on each planet and an information poster will be displayed by each group

I found this video by Chris Hadfield he is a Canadian astronaut who makes youtube videos showing us Earthlings how he does everyday things in space such as brushing his teeth and sleeping in space.



Would you like to live in space?

What did you think about the videos?

What would you miss if you were an astronaut living aboard the International Space Station?

I can’t wait to read your comments, Happy Blogging as always,

Mr J 🙂

‘Emu Bob’ Environment Walk


On Wednesday 5C took part in the senior school ‘Emu Bob’. This was an environmental initiative which involved all senior school grades walking around our local area and picking up rubbish. Each grade was allocated a different area and we went walking for an hour.



It was so great to see everyone cleaning up and looking after our environment. The rubbish around our local area ends up in the canal which then leads to the ocean. It is important that we clean up our waterways to look after the animals in the ocean and to stop pollution.

An image of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

As a school we collected 13 huge bags of rubbish from around our local area and we were all very surprised to find so much.

Which streets were the worst for rubbish?

What do you think we should do about the Great pacific Garbage Patch?

What do you do to help the environment at home?

Happy and safe blogging as always,

Mr J 🙂


Gardenvale Footy Tipping Comp

Hi 5C,

I have set up an online competetion for footy tipping this year.

Schools AFL Footy Tipping Competition.

You can join this competition by:

1) Login or register at

2) Go to

3) Select ‘Join This Comp’


If you are keen to join then please sign up and get tipping! Good luck and have a great holiday 5C!

Happy Blogging as always

Mr J 🙂